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Sweet Revenge is Book 2 of the series

Hi everyone! Here is a preview from my new Nighthawks Motorcycle Club Series. This book is called “Sweet Revenge” and it’s Book 2 of the series. I hope you love it! I write from my heart and I really love the time I spend with you!

Opening night started with people lining up at three. Ivy threw up her hands and ran the servers through their paces one more time. She put the dancing girls on their plinths, got the cooks to turn on their fryers and ovens, and got Ace and Bella, the bar back, behind the bar. She asked the band if they were ready to go, as they were tuning. They told her five minutes. She turned on all the neon, the band started up with Poison. Big Mike settled his mountainous bulk in front of the door to check IDs, and Ivy opened the door at three-thirty.

There was an influx of all kinds of people, bikers and wide-eyed tourists and reviewers and curious natives. Ivy expedited the kitchen for the first round of bar food, poured drinks with Ace, drank fizzy apple cider in a beer bottle and clinked glasses with her customers. She even danced on a plinth with one of her dancers, and ran around like a maniac. The tables turned, things slowed down, and she took the time to pour drinks for customers and dance with them on the edge of the dance floor.

She drank way too much apple juice, and Ace substituted a rocks glass of apple juice instead of the whiskey he was pouring into glasses all over the bar. Bella damn near wore herself out trying to keep the ice and bar beer coolers filled.

By nine, things were slowing down, and the band switched out from rockers with spiked hair to a woman with no hair singing, while guys banged drums. She screamed, “What’s Going On,” and the entire bar screamed it with her. Ivy cleared the receipts and registers, and walked it back to the office.

Reva watched her stow the receipts and cash in the safe, and pulled out an envelope. She handed it over, and Reva counted it while she messed with Reva’s hair and makeup to make it more like her own. She made sure the boots made them the same height, even as Reva finished counting, “This is four hundred dollars!”

“That’s one percent of my projection for the night,” Ivy lied, “I’m outta here. Hold down the fort. If you wanna be conspicuous, dance with one of the dancing girls on the plinth. Sling some booze, then grab some receipts and get back here.”

“Sure thing.”

She pointed to a locked drawer, the key inside, “Put it in there and lock it. I’ve gotta go!” She hugged Reva.

“Good luck, girl,” said Reva, “and don’t you go thinking I’m stupid. You’re going after the guy that killed your man?”

Ivy just smiled a wintry smile.

Reva nodded slowly, “I’ll take that as a yes. Now, get the fuck out of here.”


Ghost was already in the desert with Bonnie, waiting for things to heat up. The Blacksnakes were already in the pit, a sea of bikes surrounding the building, along with some shit kicker trucks and a flatbed with cages on it.

“I’m ready,” Ghost said, wiping her hands on her jeans, “give me the bottles.”

“Ivy isn’t here yet,” said Bonnie.

“Don’ care. Those dogs are dying in there. We gotta take that son-of-a-bitch down hard, Sista.”

The noise was deafening, shouts, screams. Some of the screams were from people. Some weren’t.

“I got my burner with the FBI dialed in,” said Bonnie, “I already primed them, told them I knew the Blacksnakes were just outside Las Vegas, told them I knew about something bad going down.”

Ghost looked at her with a serious face, she was ready to do her part.

Bonnie talked in a country hick voice, “Them motorcycle boys, they be whoopin’ and hollerin’ and doin’ stuff in the parking lot, looks like ‘dem drugs. Gotta go, they mightcan see me. Call ya later.”

“They be massin’ at the edge of town ‘bout now,” said Ghost, “I gotta go in.”

She slipped two beers out of the cold pack into Bonnie’s saddlebags, “Get me closer. None of us should be wearing our skulls on our jackets.”

Preview from my new Nighthawks Motorcycle Club Series

Hi everyone! Here is a preview from my new Nighthawks Motorcycle Club Series. This first book is called “Velvet Ivy” and it’s Book 1 of the series. I hope you love it! I write from my heart and I really love the time I spend with you!

Inola was mesmerized by her.

Ivy used her hand to bring Inola’s cheek back to her when Inola looked away, “Expect your heart to get broken. It makes it stronger. Just don’t stop loving. You never know when someone awesome is nearby, just waiting to meet you.”

“Do you have someone special?”

“Yes,” said Ivy.

“Lucky you!” said Inola.

“Lucky me!” said Ivy.

They dressed, and Ivy turned off the music, they went to the bar for more Cokes and then they went into the games room to shoot pool with Henry and Numa.

“You good?” asked Henry, as Inola smiled a blinding smile, “that good?” he said.

Inola nodded and felt amazing.

“You ladies play. Let an old man get on his feet.” Henry took off to the poker table. He sat down, and Ivy sat down next to him, “The kid seems okay,” he said.

“You’ll be sad to lose her to college,” said Ivy, “and you’ll have to find some way to pay for vet school.”

“She’s eighteen,” said Henry, “in case you were wondering she starts school in September. And, we’ve been looking into scholarships for her.”

He passed her an envelope under the table. Ivy looked inside. There was a hundred bucks. She slid the money into her boy shorts over her hip.

“Good,” said Ivy, “I would help, but I’ve got my own daughter’s school to pay for.”

Henry nodded slowly, “I wondered why you chose this profession,” he said, as he passed an envelope over to her, “she is in boarding school?”

“She’s severely autistic. The school is expensive as hell, but she’s actually learning words in sign language and some numbers. She’s seven.”

“That’s difficult,” said Henry.

“And expensive. She’s happy there. But, she doesn’t recognize me, or want to be touched.” she smiled sadly, “I like loud rock music, and she wants a world of silence.”

“What will you do?” asked Henry, “after this?”

“I was going to open a brothel,” said Ivy, “reopen one of the closed ones. Arsenal says that’s too expensive. He suggested I open a bar, a rock one.”

“You speak to him? What about your friend?”

“He apologized to her. He asked to make amends. He bought her a purse she wanted. She loves it, takes it with her whenever she leaves the Palomino. He’s been sober five months now.”

Henry stared at her, “You still see him?”

“He comes here sometimes, and we also date.”

Henry nodded, “Then perhaps I should let him back into the club.”

“He’d like that,” said Ivy.

“What about you?” he asked.

“I do have a Harley,” said Ivy, “Arsenal takes me on rides.”

Henry gave her a card, “Here is our clubhouse. It is in Las Vegas. We need a woman’s touch, you see. We encourage all to join who want to, but we need more support for the women.”

He smiled as Inola whooped after making a difficult shot, “That one shows me that you do more than a job. You want to make others happy. So, yes, join us. Help women, and let them help you.”

Ivy smiled, “I’ll think about it.”

Henry patted her hand, “You’ll do it. When Arsenal rejoins, you both will.”