What if you got given a raw deal? A life that was shattered, or somehow fraught with danger. Maybe, there was a lack of love from someone… or something. Maybe, something occurred as a child, or you were just literally left out in the cold by a circumstance. It happens all the time, to humanity and to animals.

But what if you got a second chance, despite what happened? How would you feel about your life, then? It seems The Nighthawks, The Valkyries, and the blessed Iron Knights all want to help out, somehow. And even despite their own battles and suffering. They all intend to give back as best they can. An honorable way to live, that’s for sure.

Through love and connection, there is unity and the chance for hope. And with hope comes much-needed compassion, for loved ones, friends, and then onto paying it forward. Giving kindly, to the less fortunate members of one’s community.

A wise old man once said, “Without being loved, there can be no courage, and without courage there can be no hope. Without hope… there is nothing left in the soul of a man. Be love, so that you might aid a soul… or many.”