Book 10 in the Nighthawks Motorcycle Club series

The definition of separated is: to cause to move or be apart. But the Nighthawks choose togetherness, always, and in all ways. Their bonds are forged in the deepest of stones. With hearts wide, they love one another and the people that come into their lives.

At Henry’s farm the love and the jobs keep spreading, like wildfire, it seems. Robert, the newest member, shares his love with them all. “Life is like this,” Robert told the boys. “Beauty, if you will stop and look. If you don’t stop and look, it will be ugly, sad, and short. Count the stars, fish the stream, hike the land. Ride horses, and grow flowers, and make beautiful things…”

The women continue to grow and work harder than ever before, in their jobs, and as beautiful mothers who love their children with all of their hearts.

Meanwhile, the men bond and lead with integrity, and have a great honor and respect for their part in life… a journey that’s filled with deep love, camaraderie, creativity, children, partnerships, and some tough times.

Together they stand united. “Let’s ride… and try and sleep as much as we possibly can!”