Book 6 of the Nighthawks Motorcycle club series 

When Nantan is wrongly accused of Bodaway Teton’s murder, it takes the smarts of Wraith and friends to get him off. But, unfortunately, that might take some time to work out, that’s unless they can utilize a perfect, unshakeable alibi. His new, fragile sons (Tam and Nico) have already lost their birth mother and father, and losing him is not something they can cope with. And definitely not now.

Ghost and Killa are both pregnant with their surrogate babies. How on earth are they supposed to cope with work… and being ridiculously huge? This is certainly harder work than they imagined it would be. It’s time for reinforcements, that’s for sure. Ivy and Callie are in the same boat, feeling bigger and hungrier than ever. Due to pop babies out… any minute, now. 

Meanwhile, the Wolfpack and the Owl Pack are thriving and helping everyone out, while making loads of cash to help with college or the ranch. Lily and Ace, and Gregory and Katya are growing and glowing within their bonds of love. There’s just something perfect about finding the one. Love is the answer to everything, even if it’s tough love. 

“You can knock down a Nighthawk, but he will always fly free…”